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About Us

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About Us

STEAR promotes the values and interests of Asian and European young people and strengthens ties between the two.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve as the first and leading policy institute for students and young professionals in Europe and Asia, to provide a bridge between the two continents, and to strengthen multilateral cooperation and international prosperity.

Our Pillars

Maximize the number of young voices in the Asia-Europe space: STEAR publishes policy publications, providing a platform for discussions of politics, international relations, and globally-reaching policy issues

Build a diverse and inclusive community: We aspire to form a community that transcends geographical boundaries and is formed upon shared interests, utilising the power of community-led learning to bring together people from all over the world

Strengthen mutual understanding between Asia and Europe: We promote cultural exchanges and collaborations by running cultural workshops, annual conferences, and digital libraries. Furthermore, we organise knowledge and capacity-building projects, including policy masterclasses, lectures, and seminars.

Our Values

Respect: We recognise the differences in opinion, mindset, and ideology that living across continents produces, and consider them opportunities to learn from each other 

Diversity: We embrace the diversity of thought, opinion, and backgrounds and ensure equal and inclusive representation from across the two continents

Empowerment: We equip young people with the necessary knowledge and skills to serve as the change-makers and bridge-builders in Europe-Asia affairs.