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Get to Know Our Strategy for 2022/2023
2022/2023 Strategy
  1. Shift a part of our focus to underrepresented regions in STEAR, such as Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East.

We aim to recruit members from these regions, creating new partnerships with stakeholders in these regions and focusing more events and publications on these areas.


2. Increase STEAR’s visibility among policy-makers and relevant stakeholders to grow the impact we make.

We aim to create durable partnerships, strengthening relations with sponsors, publishing articles relevant to stakeholders, co-writing articles, including policy-makers in events and the conference, increasing our visibility on social media.


3. Increase the attention attributed to culture by enhancing STEAR’s cultural activities.


We aim to focus various events on culture, publishing articles on culture, including a cultural exchange panel in the conference and including culture content on our social media.

4. Foster a cohesive STEAR community, with increased collaboration and interconnection between members.

We aim to stimulate cross-portfolio collaboration on events and publications, providing skill sharing and learning, focusing on social events, and installing a STEAR-wide think tank month in which people from different portfolio’s work together.

5. Build a stronger organisational basis of STEAR.

We aim to make STEAR financially stable, ensuring legal registration and striving for cohesive brand design.

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