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STEAR’s cultural programme seeks to drive cultural value-exchange across the think tank’s global audience through the successful delivery of events that unearth cultural values and practices, breaking down barriers through education and cross-cultural communication. 


In a world that is more interconnected than ever before, cultural ignorance and ambivalence provide some of the largest challenges to cooperation across nations and between people. Through our wide range of internal and external activities, our cultural programme facilitates interpersonal exchange, and provides young people with the opportunity to learn about and experience different cultural backgrounds on a deeper level.


Read more about some of STEAR’s flagship cultural activities:

Book Club

Taking a small group of STEAR members and special guests, our book exchange travels across a wide range of fictional genres and carefully selected non-fiction titles, rethinking better ways of communicating across cultures.

Virtual Museum Tour

Piloted at our Cultural Launch Event, our Virtual Museum Tours work with distinguished partners to transport members across the world for guided tours of cultural institutions, beginning with Museo Maritimo in the Philippines.

Language Exchange

To utilise STEAR’s enormously diverse network, different members are regularly invited to undertake language exchange classes among themselves, meeting as little or as often as they like, centrally coordinated by STEAR.

Swap a Meal

Similar to the language exchange programme, Swap a Meal does exactly what it says on the tin. Our members from across the world swap recipes, and each try something completely different from their daily cuisine. You can see some of the scrummy results below!

Digital Library

STEAR’s Digital Library contains a plethora of resources designed to enhance Europe-Asia relations. For inspiration from our member, check out our STEAR Recommends series on Instagram.

The Global Village

The Virtual Global Village is our flagship cultural activity, facilitating the interpersonal exchange between participants and providing young people with an opportunity to learn about and experience different cultural backgrounds on a deeper level. 


In our uniquely crafted virtual conference space, chosen performers will be able to showcase their own country through various activities, and other participants can follow along. For example, a performer may hold a presentation and later cook a particular dish. Another performer from a different country may teach a particular skill, while elsewhere we might have a language class. If this wasn’t enough, we will invite up and coming artists from Europe and Asia to kick-off the session before we open the virtual fair.

To find out more about our Cultural Programme, including our Cultural Launch Event, please visit our Previous Events Page