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STEAR’s cultural programme seeks to drive cultural value-exchange across the think tank’s global audience through the successful delivery of events that unearth cultural values and practices, breaking down barriers through education and cross-cultural communication. 


In a world that is more interconnected than ever before, cultural ignorance and ambivalence provide some of the largest challenges to cooperation across nations and between people. Through our wide range of internal and external activities, our cultural programme facilitates interpersonal exchange, and provides young people with the opportunity to learn about and experience different cultural backgrounds on a deeper level.

on spirituality

Recommended by Leonie Glaser

Spirituality is not something that is often on my mind. However, in the book that I'm currently reading, The Wild Silence by Raynor Winn, a description of something close to spirituality gripped my attention. The main character of the book finds spirituality by being in nature. The book calls such a spiritual place a thin place. "A thin place is where man can be close to the other world." It is a concept drawn from Celtic spirituality, a location or state of mind where the barrier between now and beyond is narrow, where one is closer to truth, God, or unity with nature.

In a thin place, I believe you can experience Yugen, a Japanese word indicating a profound mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe that triggers a deep emotional response. A thin place can be different for everyone; a church, a temple, a shrine, or any place you feel somehow more connected.

If like me, spirituality is not something you experience regularly, but you can experience this feeling while being in nature, I recommend you to read Raynor Winn's books: The Salt Path and The Wild Silence. The books are not necessarily spiritual, however, give beautiful descriptions of the landscape and nature. So, they might bring you closer to your thin place as well.

STEAR recommends

Happy Lunar New Year!

STEAR members celebrated the Lunar New Year with a Culture Share Day.


Winning contribution
from Kevin Gramegna

On the 15th of January, STEAR organised a virtual get-together focused on the Lunar Year celebrations. We invited two special guests and STEAR members, Yingxue Wu and Harry Lee, to explain China's and Korea's respective traditions for celebrating the Lunar New Year.

The members also held a creative contest, answering the question "What does lunar New Year mean to you?".

Having seen all the beautiful contributions of the participants, Kevin Gramegna was chosen as the winner, thanks to his cute drawing (image to the left).


UN DAY 2022

Our members asked themselves

"What bilateral/multilateral organisation do you resonate with the most?”

“The organisation I celebrate the most is the Ayeyawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS). Spearheaded by Thailand, it is a quintessential cooperation between Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand that could contribute to seamless connectivity and economic prosperity within the sub-region.”


Siwat Varnakomola

"I have always been in awe of UNICEF’s campaigns to create a safer and more protective environment for every child, especially the ones who are victims of poverty, war, malnutrition, and exploitation. They have been serving for 75 years and still strive to take further action in peace-building and face and address challenges that threaten the rights of children worldwide. As a person who also advocates for their cause, I will always support their campaigns in taking action to address the crisis involving children all around the world and in creating a safer environment where each and everyone will be equipped with the right resources and opportunities that they need."


Barachiel Concepcion

“I resonate with UNESCO most since it seeks to create peace by enhancing education, sciences and culture. The idea for UNESCO emerged during the Second World War to promote mutual understanding and create a ‘genuine culture of peace’ with the larger goal to avoid another world war. I especially cherish UNESCO’s contributions to caring for historic cultural sites around the world.”

SGP Headshots June 2022-316.jpg

Pia Heckmann

The Global Village

The Virtual Global Village is our flagship cultural activity, facilitating the interpersonal exchange between participants and providing young people with an opportunity to learn about and experience different cultural backgrounds on a deeper level. 


In our uniquely crafted virtual conference space, chosen performers will be able to showcase their own country through various activities, and other participants can follow along. For example, a performer may hold a presentation and later cook a particular dish. Another performer from a different country may teach a particular skill, while elsewhere we might have a language class. If this wasn’t enough, we will invite up and coming artists from Europe and Asia to kick-off the session before we open the virtual fair.

To find out more about our Cultural Programme, including our Cultural Launch Event, please visit our Previous Events Page

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