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Conference 2021

The Future of Asia-Europe Relations in the Post Covid-19 World

STEAR proudly presents its very first Social Impact Report 2021-2022! This report highlights our main achievements over the past 1.5 years. These include:


  • Having built a team of 70 members from 35+ countries.

  • Having organised 21 external and cultural events with 1100+ registrations from 76 countries.

  • Having published 85 publications with 12,000+ views.

  • Having built an audience of 4500+ followers across our social media channels.

  • Having organised a virtual conference for 40 participants from 22 countries.


Moreover, the report touches upon our plans for STEAR’s next term, regarding for instance establishing new physical chapters in Europe. We are very grateful for the support we received from our sponsors, partners, Advisory Board, and team members. We want to expand our impact during the next term and hope for your continuing support!

Modern White Building

Social Impact Report

June 2022

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