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Comparative Democracy in Europe and Southeast Asia
Writer Recruitment


Project Focus:

As the title of the project suggests, STEAR and the NUS PPE Club focus their joint publication on the topic of democracy across Europe and Southeast Asia. Under US President Biden, the world had its first Summit for Democracy, putting newfound emphasis on strengthening democracy worldwide. And yet, many countries across Europe and Southeast Asia continue to face significant challenges to their democratic development. Some countries are even backsliding on the democratic advancements they have made in recent decades.



Write an article (3000-4000 words) on the topic of democracy in Europe/Southeast Asia, either as a case study of a specific country or a more regional/comparative perspective.

Example questions: 

  • How is democracy conceptualized in Europe and Southeast Asia? 

  • Are there fundamental differences in perceptions of democracy across both regions? 

  • What are the key challenges to democracy in European and Southeast Asian countries? 

  • How do the European Union and Association of Southeast Asian Nations differ in their promotion of democratic values? How do democratic practices differ across these two regional institutions? 

  • What do countries in Europe and Southeast Asia need to do to strengthen democracy domestically and/or regionally? 

  • Is the proliferation of democracy desirable in any and all cases? 

  • What is the role of youth, youth voices and youth advocacy in Europe and Southeast Asia when it comes to strengthening democracy domestically/regionally?



  • 2nd year Bachelor student or higher

  • Excellent command of English

  • Strong interest in the topic of democracy

  • Previous writing experience outside an academic setting preferred

Expected hours of commitment: ~2-3 hours / week


Documents needed to apply:

  • Short writing sample (500 words minimum) on any topic. Can be an essay written for university.

  • CV

  • Short (200 words max) article proposal

The application closed on 8 April. 

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