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Capacity building is one of the principal pillars of STEAR, and underpins the entire organisation. It exists externally through our cultural programme, speaker events, publications and conferences. Internally, our training and mentoring programmes provide an opportunity for young people to learn from each other. Our mission to provide a bridge between the students and young professionals in Europe and Asia is in essence a capacity building one.


Find out more about some of STEAR’s capacity building activities:

This event series focuses on more personal, experience-oriented and diverse themes including career development, advice for young people, culture, activism, etc.


It is a chance for our audience to get to know practitioners and experts in different fields on a deeper level by asking them questions, and for our speakers to interact with an audience of mostly students and young professionals.

The STEAR Dialogue

The Summer School

Since the conception and foundation of STEAR, the challenges of proper geographic inclusion have been abundantly clear to the Presidents. Indeed, part of the impetus for founding STEAR was that in our experience, the membership of multilateral student think tanks had been consistently weighted towards a select few Western European countries.


Our capacity building programme will equip young people across Europe and Asia with the soft skills, international affairs knowledge, and policy tools to go on and engage in political conversations from a young age. The Summer School will:

  1. Be the first summer school run by students for students, and the first to focus on Europe-Asia relations in its entirety. 

  2. Reflect emerging trends towards the need for Eurasian cooperation. With its triple focus on policy, research and entrepreneurship, it provides a unique platform to equip the leaders of tomorrow with the skills and relationships needed to negotiate that future.

  3. Provide access to world-class education

  4. Focus on data and tech-driven solutions

  5. Provide delegates with access to the STEAR network which spans the globe, including students of top universities and educational institutions.


The STEAR Summer School, which we intend to be based at Cambridge University, will last one week, and will invite a select group of young people from a diverse range of countries to travel to Cambridge to take part in our Summer School. More information about the Summer School will be released in due course, and we encourage you to follow our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to get updates.

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