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Logo EST

European Student Think Tank

The European Student Think Tank is a student-led NGO whose purpose it is to involve young Europeans in the EU policy-making process, empower them to make use of their EU level rights and to promote the values of and identification with the EU. Several avenues are explored to facilitate these goals, among them are a network of ambassadors in and beyond the EU, independently organised events, a policy review, working groups and partnerships.

Logo Green Summit

The Green Summit Youth Committee of Humanitarian Affairs Asia 

The Green Summit Youth Committee is a group of young leaders from around the world who are assisting Humanitarian Affairs Asia in the promotion, recruitment and organisation of their inaugural Green Summit, to be held at the United Nations in Bangkok in December 2022. The week will consist of high-profile speakers, green workshops and sustainable volunteering around Thailand. The main aims of The Green Summit Youth Committee are to recruit students for the Summit and create a community of young people committed to tackling climate and environmental issues. The Green Summit Youth Committee is currently creating a blog and a virtual Model United Nations conference.


The International Organisation for Political Science Students (IAPSS)

The International Association for Political Science Students (IAPSS) is a platform for political science students and students interested in political science issues. The association is international, politically independent, non-profit, and student-run, and aims to have a global impact in the political science sphere.

With over twenty years of existence behind its back, IAPSS is a democratic student government representing political science students around the world. It evolved from a loose network to an association with headquarters in Montreal, Canada, while the IAPSS Board is working internationally on a daily basis to initiate and coordinate projects and activities.

Logo CRIsim


Student-run committee hosting the first crisis simulation at the University of Groningen Campus Fryslân. Through the CRIsim.summit, CRIsim hopes to gather over 140 diverse participants and topic experts from around the world, in a unique and one-of-a-kind conference to strategically tackle a multi-faceted crisis scenario. CRIsim is an original and eye-opening conference concept hosted in Leeuwarden's pioneering Campus Fryslân faculty. They created a new, innovative solution to the age-old Model United Nations (MUN) concept when it comes to simulating real-life governance, conflict- and disaster management. 

TYS HQ Logo - Yellow.png

The Young SEAkers Cambodia

The Young SEAkers helps SEAkers to grow within their communities through a series of holistic programmes and concrete ASEAN-China exchange opportunities. Our biggest focus is to build cross-border competencies and interpersonal soft skills. By doing so, SEAkers will be equipped with the necessary skills and networks needed to tap on the full potential of the ASEAN-China region.


European Studies Review

European Studies Review is a peer-reviewed journal which involves students and recent graduates in publishing opinion pieces and research articles regarding European affairs. Run by students and recent graduates, European Studies Review is composed of a team of enthusiastic and passionate young people across Europe.

Organisations We Have Worked With
Organisations we've worked with
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The Wilberforce Society

The Wilberforce Society (TWS) is the UK's oldest and largest student think tank, which promotes informed discussion on matters of public policy and publishes non-partisan research output across a diverse range of policy areas. 

Organisations we've worked with
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Artdialogo Asia is a collective working on creating intercultural dialogues, promoting social inclusion, harnessing youth development and developing impactful interactions among communities through arts and arts education.

Organisations we've worked with
Museo Maritimo Official Logo.png

Museo Maritimo

The Asian Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) is a merchant marine college in Pasay, Philippines, that provides highly technical learning in terms of maritime education. It is one of the top performing maritime schools in the Philippines.

Organisations we've worked with
Logo Polis180


As a grassroots think tank, Polis180 breaks up established foreign and European policy, develops new ideas without bias or constraints, and helps them achieve a breakthrough. The organisation brings together different social groups in their work and thus counteracting the growing gap between them.

Organisations we've worked with
Logo European Guanxi

European Guanxi

A non-profit organisation formed by European students and professionals with the objective of discussing and analysing EU-China relations to better understand the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. 

Organisations we've worked with
Logo Agora

Agora Think Tank

Agora is the UK’s open forum for foreign policy. They’re a British think tank but, unlike others focused on foreign policy, they take an open-source approach to our work, welcoming contributors from beyond the traditional fields of politics and international relations.

Organisations we've worked with
Logo Foraus

foraus - The Swiss Think Tank on Foreign Policy

The Think Tank foraus advocates a constructive foreign policy and an informative dialogue: independent, scientific, relevant. foraus publishes scientifically-based policy recommendations in the form of discussion papers, policy briefs and blog posts, as well as organizes high-level debates with the aim of creating innovative solutions for foreign policy.

Organisations we've worked with

Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA)

The Australia-China Youth Association is the only youth-administered NGO run for its members, by its members. We work to actively foster a transnational community of young Australians and Chinese interested in furthering understanding of each other’s countries.

Organisations we've worked with
Logo Boyum Institute

Boym Institute

The Boym Institute is an independent think tank that brings together experts on issues such as politics, economy and innovation in developing countries, especially contemporary Asia. Their mission is to draw the attention of the Polish public opinion, as well as political and business leaders to the changes that are taking place in the most populous and most dynamically developing continent of the world. 

Organisations we've worked with

Waseda International Relations Association (WIRA)

WIRA is a student-run organization by undergraduate students at Waseda University. They host regular workshops and symposiums related to international relations and global politics today.

Organisations we've worked with
Logo Open Think Tank

Open Think Tank Network (OTTN)

The Open Think Tank Network (OpenTTN) strives for the creation, development, and cooperation of open-source think tanks around the world. We use innovative crowd-sourcing methods and participatory structures to provide opportunities for participation in political debates outside of the traditional fora. We thereby seek to democratize the development of international policy.

Organisations we've worked with
Logo More Perspectives

More Perspectives

Their mission is to empower the next generation of thought leaders with unheard perspectives from historically and structurally marginalized and underrepresented socioeconomic groups.

Our Sponsors
Logo KAS

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is a political foundation. In Germany, 18 regional offices offer a wide variety of civic education conferences and events. Their offices abroad are in charge of over 200 projects in more than 120 countries. The foundation’s headquarters are situated in Berlin.

Logo Asia Society

Asia Society Switzerland

Asia Society Switzerland is committed to exploring Asia's role in a multilateral world and to advancing the dialogue and strengthening partnerships among individuals and institutions in Switzerland and Asia. Across the fields of arts, culture, education and policy, they provide insights, promote collaboration and contribute to a deeper understanding of the most dynamic and fastest-growing region in the world.

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