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Conference 2021

The Future of Asia-Europe Relations in the Post Covid-19 World

STEAR is happy and proud to present its next official publication after the inaugural issue of the Journal of Asia and Europe Relations and the 2021 Conference Policy Briefs, namely this very special Cultural Collection! 


Cultural exchange has been a major pillar of STEAR’s vision since its founding in early 2021, and has continued to play a large role in determining the events we organize, the content we produce, and the goals we set for the future. The development of meaningful connections across continents is in no small part contingent on exposure to, and a genuine interest in, each other’s cultures, no matter the form. Through this Collection, we hope to facilitate further exchange by featuring a selection of works from European and Asian youth.


Scroll through our first cultural collection below or download it here!

Modern White Building

Cultural Collection

March 2022

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