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Recap: Let’s Get Together – How to Build and Maintain Networks

Aside from the various events that feature external speakers from all sorts of different backgrounds and countries, STEAR also organizes training events – while these events are organized primarily for our team members, we also allocate space for guests and friends of STEAR. Last Saturday, our Internal Affairs department hosted a session with four incredible guest speakers that focused on networking. With nearly 40 attendees, the event was received very well, and the different speakers all had valuable insights to share with an audience consisting mostly of students and young professionals – the perfect crowd for the topic of networking!

Ziarla, our Vice President for Internal Affairs, first briefly introduced STEAR and provided a quick background on each of the four speakers. The floor was then given to Training & Mentorship Officer Jamina, who was responsible for hosting the rest of the event and who moderated the audience interaction.

The four guest speakers – dr. Yang, David Jordan, Lisa Diño and Maaike Goslinga (you can find their professional biographies below) – all presented their own take on networking and the lessons they had learned in their respective fields, which ranged from business to film and journalism. Each of them spoke about how they got started in their current field and the lessons they would want students and young professionals to take home when it comes to networking and both personal and professional development. Using an effective combination of personal experience, professional advice, and humorous anecdotes, they underlined the importance of asking questions, investing time into solid networks, and developing one’s ability to tackle a variety of problems regardless of your particular background. We then went into a short Q&A session, in which the audience members were able to address their burning questions for the speakers.

We’d like to hereby once more thank the guest speakers for making time for our event, as well as everyone who attended – we sincerely hope you learnt something from the event and that you were inspired by the speakers’ stories. If this recap sounds interesting to you and you’d like to stay up-to-date with STEAR’s events, be it external or training-oriented, make sure to keep an eye on our website and our social media platforms (we also have a newsletter you can subscribe to). We especially recommend having a look at the programme for our upcoming Conference in November, which is promising to be an incredibly interesting experience for anyone with an interest in Europe-Asia relations and the role of young people in the future – you can find a “Conference” tab at the top of this page!


About the speakers:

A.H.E. Dr. Yang Mee Eng (Executive Director, ASEAN Foundation) worked in private and government sectors for over 26 years. She was most recently the Senior Vice President at Alphacap. There, she assisted SMEs companies and led the development and execution of Bloconomic Expo 2019, a platform aimed at creating a vast network of blockchain entrepreneurs and developers in the fast-evolving blockchain companies. Prior to that, she was the CEO of Gameview, the largest mobile game publisher in Malaysia, where she oversaw three offices in Malaysia, China and Thailand. Before moving to the private sector, Yang spent 19 years working as the Business Development Manager at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation. There, she sought to build Malaysia as a creative economy hub and led the implementation of One Source Multi Usage for cross-platform business models to fully tap into the potential of locally produced creative content. Yang also led the Digital Media sector foresight studies and created the Malaysia’s creative industry forecast for 30 years (2019 - 2050) under the Mega Science 3.0 project with Academy Science of Malaysia. Aside from her professional work, she was also the Co-Founder and President of the Spina Association of Malaysia as well as the President of World Game Blockchain Association. Furthermore, Yang is part of the international advisory panel for Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission, University Tenaga National and Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur.

David Jordan (Chief Revenue Officer, Elrow) is an enthusiastic Digital Business & Marketing lover, diving deep into the thrilling waters of Business Innovation at the Live Events & Madtech Industries. He is currently enjoying and leading all Revenue & Marketing efforts at Elrow, a global leader in the live entertainment arena. He co-founded and managed Jarvis Digital, a video adtech company that was acquired by Agile Group in 2018. Always willing to learn and step up for upcoming challenges, David is leading a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing in ESIC and teaching Mobile and Digital business to postgraduate students in ESIC, EAE and The Valley DBS.

Liza Diño Seguerra (CEO, Film Development Council of the Philippines) is the Chairperson and CEO of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, the national government agency in charge of creating film policies and developmental programs to support the Philippine film industry to be more globally competitive. She is also an award-winning film, TV, and theater actress who has appeared in numerous independent and commercial films. On top of her more than 20 years of experience as a part of the Philippine film industry, she advocates for welfare of film workers and the institutionalization of the film industry as an economic and cultural driver in the country. As Chairperson and CEO, she is hard at work in promoting Filipino cinema all over the world, including its film export services and original content, creating more opportunities for Filipino films to be exported in the global market, and developing policies for the growth of the film and audio-visual industry. She is a board director of the Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNET), an active collaborator member of the ASEAN- ROK Film Organization and the BPX (Best Practice Exchange) Network of Europe's ACE PRODUCERS that brings together heads of film agencies from around the world to brainstorm on best practice in policymaking and public funding for filmmaking.

Maaike Goslinga (Managing Editor, De Correspondent) is the Managing Editor at the ad-free Dutch journalism platform De Correspondent. She worked in New Zealand and lived in England, Germany, Spain and the US for her studies in English and European Studies. Then she returned to her hometown of Rotterdam,where she worked for whistleblowing platform Publeaks and the European Journalism Centre. Finally, in 2014, she landed at De Correspondent, where she set up all international projects and partnerships. She is now in charge of the Editorial Team's daily output.

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