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Journal of Asia and Europe Relations

Volume 1, No. 1

Established in 2021, the Journal of Asia and Europe Relations is a flagship peer-reviewed journal of Student Think Tank for Europe-Asia Relations (STEAR). Interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in scope, the Journal of Asia and Europe Relations covers the latest research on all topics relevant to Asia and Europe relations that focus on theory, policy, and/or practice. 

The journal aims to provide readers with a truly global and comparative perspective. This journal is primarily aimed at policy issues and, ideally, the role of youth engagement. All papers are submitted to anonymous peer-review process conducted by young academics, professionals, and future leaders of highly relevant fields. The journal is published annually. 

Apply for the 2023 Journal of Asia and Europe Relations

Submissions should fall into one of the following sub-categories:

👩‍💻 Tech governance: The future of ethics policy in digital governance

♻ Environment & Sustainable Development: Tackling the climate crisis as a "threat multiplier"

🚨 Security & Conflicts: Eurasian security architecture in the face of hybrid threats

📢 Culture: What does resistance look like in 2030?

💡 Society: From welfare state to welfare multilateralism


Form of submission:

- 2,000-3,000 words (excluding footnotes)

- bibliography in the latest APA edition (7th).

- all forms of methodology and research are welcome


If you wish to contribute your original paper, please send an abstract and manuscript by filling out the following submission form:  


If you have any questions, please contact our Editors-in-Chief:

Check out the most recent journal edition of the

Journal of Asia and Europe Relations below or download it here!

Congratulatory Note by Ambassador Toru MORIKAWA, Executive Director, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)


“We are confident that STEAR will continue to provide a valuable platform for the exchange of diverse views. Striving for multilateral cooperation and global prosperity, ASEF assures STEAR that we stand united to strengthen mutual understanding between the two regions and to make a real difference in growing the regional partnership through Europe-Asia exchanges.”


Letter from the Presidents


“STEAR aims to be the first youth think tank to give voice to a diverse and talented group of young people determined to better understand Europe-Asia Relations, and the output of this journal epitomises this goal. Over the course of 11 articles, our writers from countries ranging from the United Kingdom to the Philippines reflect in this journal on their similarities and differences, debating issues as broad as cultural cooperation to environmental policies.”


Editors' Note


“STEAR was founded in early 2021 under extraordinary circumstances, as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact students and young professionals worldwide. It has been an extraordinary yet valuable experience to connect to our peers remotely, and we are very proud to present the inaugural issue of the Journal of Asia and Europe Relations!”


In this edition coordinated by the Editors-in-Chief Jedidja van Boven and Nawathas Thasanabanchong, you will find:

  • Esther Brito - Europe and Asia as Prime Spheres in the Fight Against Sexual Slavery: Trends, Policy Mechanisms, and the Role of Survivors in Combating Sexual Trafficking

  • Virág Kemecsei - The European Union’s Search for Allies in the Development, Peace and Humanitarian Sectors: Towards Strengthening the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership?

  • Jamina Vesta Jugo - “Tiger is Coming”?: South Korea’s Rhythm of Korea Campaign as a (Limited) Subversion of Orientalist Tropes in Global Tourism    

  • Júlia Rovira - The European Union and South Korean Protocol on Cultural Cooperation: Is There Room for Improvement?

  • Paloma Abril Poncela - EU Implementation of Adaptation Measures in Asia, Lessons and Proposals for Imminent Challenges

  • Marina Hough - Carbon Goes to Market The Sustainable Development Potential of Carbon Trading in China

  • Yang Zuo - Climate Change Politics: Implications of China’s Environmental Policy for Its Grand Strategy

  • Leonardo M. Jaminola III - Painting The Town Green: The Potential of Environmental Diplomacy to Strengthen ASEAN-EU Relations in the Post-Pandemic World

  • Ina Plamenova Kokinova - Cultural Relations between the European Union and China: from Cooperation to Competition

  • Helena Beznec and Tinkara Godec - Serbia’s Balancing Act: THE EU-CHINA Discourse  after the Pandemic

  • Andrieta R. Arifin, Albert Barnabas, and Geraldo Nathaniel - An Examination of the EU’s External Action on the Policies of Human Rights in ASEAN and its Member States    

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