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Journal of Asia and Europe Relations

Volume 2, No. 1

Established in 2021, the Journal of Asia and Europe Relations is a flagship peer-reviewed journal of Student Think Tank for Europe-Asia Relations (STEAR). Interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in scope, the Journal of Asia and Europe Relations covers the latest research on all topics relevant to Asia and Europe relations that focus on theory, policy, and/or practice. 

The journal aims to provide readers with a truly global and comparative perspective. This journal is primarily aimed at policy issues and, ideally, the role of youth engagement. All papers are submitted to anonymous peer-review process conducted by young academics, professionals, and future leaders of highly relevant fields. The journal is published annually. 

Check out the most recent journal edition of the

Journal of Asia and Europe Relations below or download it here!

Congratulatory Note by Nico Luchsinger, Executive Director of Asia Society Switzerland

“By fostering closer ties between Europe and Asia, and especially among Europe and Asian youth, STEAR’s values are well-aligned with those of Asia Society Switzerland. This journal is a good example of the high quality work that STEAR delivers. I would there once again like to congratulate STEAR, and especially the Editors-in-Chief, associate editors, editors, writers and everyone else on the STEAR team that worked on this journal, on the final result.”

Letter from the Presidents

“Undeniably, relations between many European and many Asian countries have become more fraught since October 2021. Tensions between China and the European Union have for instance been rising. In such a polarised context, it is essential to have a venue for constructive policy discussions. We are glad that this journal provides such a venue.”

Editors' Note

“An understanding of Europe-Asia affairs fundamentally requires insights from all branches of knowledge. It is with this spirit of fostering diversity of opinion, dialogue, and knowledge exchange that informed our article selection for this edition. In this second edition, we are proud to showcase a rich tapestry of research articles, that encapsulate the multidisciplinary nature of the Journal of Asia and Europe Relations."

In this edition, you will find:

  • Danny van Wanrooij & Liliana Graef - Fostering the Sino-German Relationship: How the Political Environment Influences the Legislative Framework on Influencer Advertising: An Analysis Between China and Germany

  • Lucía Pradel Díaz - Convergence Or Divergence in The Interpretation of Global Artificial Intelligence Principles? A Comparative Study of Singapore and The European Union

  • Anniek Sienot - From Beijing to Belgrade: China’s Digital Silk Road in Serbia and its Implications for the European Union

  • Nicola Crowe - The Emergence of Regional Multilateral Approaches to Disability Rights : A Comparative Evaluation of the EU and ASEAN

  • Siwat Varnakomola - ​​Shaping the battlefield: Climate change and Russian hybrid warfare strategies in the annexation of Crimea and in the War in Ukraine

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